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    Buzzer tester

    2017/12/25      view:
    The buzzer tester mainly tests the sensitivity frequency characteristic curve of active or passive electromagnetic and piezoelectric buzzer, and FO resonance frequency, and two times three times distortion degree and other indicators. The tolerance frame is set up for the frequency response curve, and the comparison is made with the method of return to zero, the frame method, or the method of setting the frame. Whether the single data and the total results are qualified at the same time automatically discriminate. Many curves can be saved in different colors. The data and curves can be printed. It has the function of resisting environmental noise. The frequency sweep mode has two kinds of logarithm and linear. The highest resolution is 1/192 OCT, or 1Hz. The sweep mode has three kinds of continuous, synchronous, and single cycle. When the ultrasonic buzzer is tested, the maximum frequency is 65KHz, equipped with a 1/4 inch wide band standard test microphone and preamplifier power supply.
    The buzzer has a variety of working voltages, choosing the same type of MCU as your working voltage (3.0V or 5.0V). And he also divided into self excitation type, two buzzer and MCU interface are similar, a PNP triode C is connected to GND, E is connected to the negative terminal of the buzzer, Vcc is connected with a buzzer, a transistor from the B to the MCU through a resistance 1K-2K, for lfyback the buzzer, but also in the buzzer are connected in parallel with a diode, A is connected to the positive end of buzzer. When MCU I/O is high when the buzzer sound, when the I/O output is Fang Bo (frequency and nominal frequency is close to the buzzer rang) when the buzzer sounds; for self-excited buzzer drive is relatively simple, when the driver I/O is in high level when the I/O is low the buzzer sound.
    The buzzer (English Buzzer) is an integrated structure of the electronic buzzer, belongs to a kind of electronic components, DC voltage or AC voltage power supply, a wide range of applications: computer industry (computer chassis motherboard buzzer, buzzer, buzzer) printer (control panel buzzer), industry (copier, alarm alarm buzzer, alarm buzzer) electronic toys (music buzzer), automotive electronic equipment industry (car reversing buzzer, buzzer buzzer buzzer, automobile, motorcycle (environmental protection) telephone buzzer), timer, air conditioning, medical equipment and other electronic industry.